Aline Thiry

Researcher and teaching assistant, University of Liège

Main Research Interests : Political sociology, public policy analysis, participatory methods, risk analysis, crisis management and emergency planning

Short bio

Aline Thiry studied sociology and anthropology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and obtained a teaching certificate at the same university (agrégation de l’enseignement secondaire supérieur). She has been working for Spiral since five years as a researcher and teaching assistant.

She is interested in risk analysis and more particularly in crisis management and emergency planning. In this context, she coordinates the project PlaniCom which is both an inter-university certificate and a platform for exchange of experience. Aline Thiry co-edited the book “Articuler risques, planification d’urgence et gestion de crise” published in 2012.

Aline also works in the field of public policy analysis. As a researcher she took part in several evaluations for the Walloon Region (evaluation des plans de cohesion sociale, evaluation du dispositif des relais sociaux) and for the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (evaluation du décret lecture publique). Furthermore, she developed experience in a wide range of qualitative methods during these diverse researches and evaluations: focus groups, mesydel (online Delphi), interviews, participant observation. She is also interested in the innovative methodology of the living lab and the opportunity to implement this to the field of emergency planning and crisis management.


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