Hadrien Macq

PhD Candidate in Political and Social Sciences

Master's Degree in European Studies on Society, Science and Technology (Maastricht University, 2016)
Master’s Degree in Political Science, General, with Specialization in International Relations (ULg, 2015)
Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science (ULg, 2013)

Main Research Interests : Science and Technology Studies, Deliberative and Participatory Democracy, Public Participation in science and technology, Participatory Methods, Qualitative Methods

Current Research

PhD Dissertation (ULg): "Post-politics technologies of democracy: experimentation and co-creation dynamics in Europe and Wallonia"

Hadrien studies the emergence of institutionally-sponsored public participation in knowledge and innovation-making. Connecting macro- and micro-level perspectives through discourse analysis and ethnographies, his work focuses on the imaginaries that underlies this ‘new wave’ of public engagement in science and technology, as well as the publics that are constructed, the concrete modalities of engagement that are enacted, and the democratic order that is ultimately produced.



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