Spiral is a founding member of two training Certificates:

Interuniversity Certificate in crisis management and emergency planning (Planicom)

Organized in collaboration with the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), this multi-session course is for local public servants, charged with emergency management and planning, and actors from the private sector. The programme comprises five whole-day sessions that address theoretical and practical issues, relevant for the daily practice of actors in the field. The courses are animated by actors with lived experience in intervention and crisis situations (such as firemen, police, local and provincial coordinators in emergency planning), and experts in legal matters concerning the responsibilities of actors at different geographical scales.

Interuniversity Certificate interuniversitaire in public policies evaluation

This Certificate is organized jointly with the UCL-Mons, ULB, ULg and the Wallonia Evaluation and Foresight Society (SWEP). This Certificate (150h - 20 ECTS) is the first of its kind in the French-speaking community of Belgium and it targets professionals in the public or non-commercial sectors, who wish to perform different tasks with regards to the evaluation of public policies in those sectors. These tasks include, but are not limited to, the preparation, order, organization and follow-up of such public policies. In 2012, this Certificate is organized at ULg (Sart-Tilman).